International Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy Congress

The International Phytoessence and Phytotherapy Congress (IPPC) focus areas include phytocosmetics, phytotherapy and both culturally and ethically sustainable practices (i.e. benefit-sharing). The event is produced in partnership with national collaborators under the auspices of the International Society for Phytocosmetic Science (ISPS). The objective of the event is to provide an international forum for the effective and mutually beneficial exchanges of scientific and technical information on the plant-based ingredients and products such as cosmetics and those utilized in personal care and phytotherapy. IPPC-Brazil advocates exchange and creation of the scientific knowledge and its management while fully adhering to the highest ethical and cultural standards including no-harm sustainable practices. 

International PhytoEssence Consortium

The International Society for Phytoessence Science (ISPS) was established in 2013, and nowadays its membership comprises of scientists and industry experts from more than twenty-one countries. In 2014, ISPS started a peer-review, open-access online scientific journal and has been publishing abstract-books, and a number of manuscripts annually.  The International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients (IJPNI) and ISPS support participants at the Congress series, IPPC. The shared mission of the IJPNI, IPPC, and ISPS is to enhance the strength and efficacy of the global exchange and creation of the scientific knowledge and its management adhering to the highest level of ethical and cultural standards including no-harm sustainable practices.  Implementation of objectives to achieve the mission is managed by the Board of Directors at the International PhytoEssence Consortium (IPEC). 

About the Congress Deadlines Guidelines Preliminary Program

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Brazil 2019

IPPC- Brazil 2019

This ninth edition of the IPPC congresses will be held in the city of Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil.  IPPC-Brazil 2019 provides a platform for scientific presentations in oral and poster formats that are original (not been presented in any other event).

Theme of the Congress

Raw Material & Ingredients

presentations will include studies in horticulture, phytochemistry, and innovations in the exploration of natural ingredients

  Products & Application

includes presentations on phytocosmetics, phytoceuticals and other natural plant-based products used in phytotherapy, aromatherapy, and personal care.

 Practice & Health

important presentations about ethical and sustainable practices in research, production, and marketing of plant-based products. Each topic will be covered in one day while presenters are encouraged to use available guidelines to prepare their presentations.

Young Scholar Committee

The International Society for Phytocosmetic Science (ISPS) is establishing a committee of young scholars to strengthen scientific exchanges among scholars at Ph.D. programs, researchers in academia and other institutions, and professionals in the plant-based product manufacturing industries including cosmetic companies (Phytocosmetic) and natural product producers for medicinal or nutritional purposes (Phytotherapy and Phytonutriceutical).

The KIND principles address:

  • Knowledge Management: Awareness of the advances in fields of study related to phytocosmetics, phytotherapy, and natural products.
  • Innovation: Exploring to learn about the application of science in the creation of new technologies and validation processes
  • Networking for the purposes of building collaboration via recruiting new members to join ISPS and enhancing member services to sustain the scientific value of becoming a member
  • Dissemination of the scientific and technical information, that is made possible by the IJPNI (the online peer-reviewed journal of the ISPS) by participating in the design and selection of the topic/theme for the future events, and via appropriate use of social media tools (LinkedIn, Twitter).


Members of the Young Scholar Committee (YSC) are expected to creatively endeavor and become leaders of the future through the commitment to practicing the KIND principles. This committee organizes the pre-event at IPPC-Brazil 2019

Last Congress

IPPC-Argentina 2018 secured the exchange of scientific information related to plant-based cosmetic products (Phytocosmetics) and the use of plant-based ingredients in therapy (Phytotherapy) during various sessions.  Sustainable, ethical, and no-harm approaches are the only acceptable practice ensuring maintaining biodiversity, appropriate and just use of resources in collaboration with local and indigenous communities (more information about this principal).  Experts will offer effective implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.

IPPC-Argentina provided a platform for scientific presentations in oral and poster formats that are original (not been presented in any other event) in many areas of expertise and panel discussion relevant to phytocosmetics and phytotherapy focusing on the listed values were:

  • sustainable and ethical practice
  • phytocosmetics: advantages of plant-based cosmetics
  • best practices in production and marketing

Promoting multidisciplinary scientific collaborations


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